Welcome to my website!

I am a senior researcher at the Donders Centre for Cognition and Radboud University Medical Centre, funded by the Language in Interaction consortium. I have a passion for science, and in particular for cognition and the human brain. I've always dreamt of becoming a researcher, already early in childhood. Why I do my work and how I do it are driven by this passion.

My research focuses on language function in healthy and neurological populations, such as stroke, brain tumour, epilepsy, and neurodegenarative disorders (e.g., dementia, Parkinson’s). I use a range of behavioural and neuroimaging methods and pay special attention to the intersection of language and other functions, such as executive control, (semantic) memory, and motor control in the case of speaking.

My approach is bi-directional. On the one hand, I use models from cognitive neuroscience to better understand language function in neurological populations. One of the main goals of this approach is to develop novel diagnostic tools and methods to improve language capacity in patients. On the other hand, I use observations of the breakdown of language and/or communicative abilities following brain insult to obtain unique insights informative for cognitive (neuro)science models.

My main interests are:
- language use in context, the intersection between language and semantic memory
- frontal and temporal lobe interactions in language use, hippocampal contributions to language
- neuroplasticity, interhemispheric connections and functional lateralisation, brain stimulation